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Press Release I Got Rhythms - London
17 February 2020
Press Release I Got Rhythms - Tusla
January 29, 2020
Harold Sanditen's Biography
February 21, 2020

Harold’s Shows


I Got Rhythms

Grab your maracas and bongos! Harold’s back with a highly rhythmic celebration!


Harold Sanditen's Open Mic Party

Join the fun at “the best value entertainment in London.”


Harold And Broad

Hysterically celebrating two milestone birthdays!


Flyin' High

Comic travel tales with fabulous jazz numbers. Take a journey from Argentina to Zimbabwe and beyond.


Harold Sanditen Upstairs At Ronnie Scott's

Jazz set at London’s most famous jazz club.


Full Circle

Songs from the 60s and 70s that were important to my musical development.


Shades Of Blue

Exploration of the word blue in all forms – from colour to music and more. Stupendous jazz arrangements.


Thoughts 'Round Midnight

Comic exploration of thoughts that might keep any of us up at night.


Love Exposed

Show exploring the edgier sides of love and romance.


The Secret Of Life

Anecdotes about how to make the most out of life.

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